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10 months ago

The local TAT office for Mukdahan Province in Northeastern Thailand had posted these highlights. Have you been there yet? There’s some places here definitelyworthy of a bucket list.

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Will go there next spring ... "something" came in the way this year for out of province travelling, and now, the road is almost done.

Thank you!

OMG... I miss Thailand 🥺❤

Mukdahan's well worth a visit, and you can get some great views across the Mekong. Eorth also noting that Wat Phra Thst Phanom is also less than an hour's drive up the road

I spent two nights in Chanuman, which has a couple of inexpensive guest houses and bungalows near the Mekong. The town is amazingly charming and picturesque. Old residents will lead you by the wrist to the best places for photos. Just a wonderful little town. Mukdahan city has a decent night market too.

I stayed there one night. I don't remember it, or that part of Thailand for that matter, to be remarkable.

A "bucket list" is a thing you feel you must urgently do before you your life ends... Nice places you post, but really? A "bucket list? "

I love Mukdahan and the reason I travelled there first time was purely to get a new visa in Laos. What made me go back three more times (so far) was the people, not the sights. I usually stay at the Hop Inn there and a short walk away is a brilliant night life area, 95% Thai people but some very friendly ex-pats too.

Love the north east. Generous, friendly, funny and happy even its the poorest people.

Went there about 10 years ago loved it

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10 months ago

The Kae Dam wooden bridge (สะพานไม้แกดำ) in Maha Sarakham looks a bit rickety and unsafe, but it was surprisingly strong. The local people continually repair and strengthen it as and when it’s needed. The present bridge is 600 meters long and is 61 years old. A good time to visit is at sunset. I love this place. They also have homestay and so I might come back to stay a few nights.

📍MAP: goo.gl/maps/gbERfMUCjj82

#VirtualThailand #เที่ยวทิพย์ทั่วไทย #เที่ยวทิพย์ #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
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Wonderful post. This is the RB we know! I’ve been to MahaSarakahm. Love the drone shots too! ♥️♥️ More of these and less propaganda please!

One of many interesting places around Maha Sarakham. If you return look me up and I can show you some others 🙂

Looks nice Richard. Facebook made it look as if you are selling the bridge by adding it to your shop. Had the same problem once.

Taylore AkanaLaura Johnson Allen go see this for me😍

How amazing. I'll add it to my list for when we can travel again!

Taught at Sarakham university for 2 years. Loved that little town.

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10 months ago

Wat Pa Kung, in Si Somdet District of Roi Et, is a sandstone pagoda modeled after the much larger Borobudur in Indonesia. Although it is smaller in scale, it is just as impressive. Around the base there are many bas-relief and low relief sculptures which show religious scenes.

When Luang Pu Sri Mahaviro went Indonesia in 1988, he went to worship T Borobudor on Java. He experienced its beauty and enormity and was very impressed. When he returned to Thailand, he told the story to his disciples and mentioned that he would construct the same thing in Thailand.

📍MAP: goo.gl/maps/Wr5x14z7Fuwf4AoGA

#VirtualThailand #เที่ยว #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
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A very cool temple...

10 months ago

Wat Phra That Nong Bua (วัดพระธาตุหนองบัว) in Ubon Ratchathani has a 56 meter high Bodhgaya-style pagoda with a square base. It was originally built in 1956 to celebrate 2,500 years of Buddhism but has been enlarged since. The gleaming gold and white chedi resembles the Mahabodhi stupa in Bodhgaya in India. The gold chedi inside the building contains relics of the Lord Buddha.

The temple complex was impressive before, but the colorful giant naga snakes that now stand at the entrance makes this a must-see highlight for anyone visiting Ubon city. I also suggest visiting this temple in the run-up to the Candle Festival in July as you can observe artisans making the giant wax sculptures for the parade.

📍MAP: goo.gl/maps/SmzyxgKBk4uApinR7

🇹🇭#VirtualThailand #เที่ยว #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
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10 months ago

Our Lady of the Seven Martyrs of Thailand Shrine, known locally as Wat Ban Song Khon, is the largest Catholic church in Thailand. The shrine was constructed in honour of the seven Christian martyrs in Mukdahan who sacrificed their lives to protect their religion.

This was at a time when Thailand had expelled foreign missionaries from this area because it wanted the local population to convert to Buddhism. But the local Christians refused. Seven of them were shot dead by Thai officials in December 1940.

They have since been recognized by Pope John Paul II as Martyrs.

📍MAP: goo.gl/maps/WeqvnXN3RTw

#VirtualThailand #เที่ยว #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
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I love visiting religious places for tourism. This one has an interesting history, although it is not aesthetically attractive.

Interesting history. Separatism has always been a fear of the central, read Bangkok, government. As this was in Issaan, an ethnic Lao zone, a plateau of potential subversives, this must have scared Pibul, & his nation building policy to the core.

thanks for let us discover this story.

Facts of life, persecution is a badge of honour for truth and legitimate teachings. Without it, I’d be suspicious 🤨!

Amazing, I didn't know about this church or the history. Thanks for sharing.

In my little area there is 2 Christian churches but never seen it opened ,maybe both abandoned.

Religions = source of so many deaths and wars.

But those who start making a treatise on the existence of God (whatever it may be) from a post that marks a monument of historical interest, really have serious mental problems.

Hi Richard, nice to see your interesting subjects again.

Thanks for sharing. Did not know this story. Another interesting snapshot of Thai history.

Central Issan is underrated

My godness! A crusade against Rock Choppers

Wow! Didn't know Thais also did that samurai s**t with Christians too.

Missionaries trying to push their will onto others.

Flott sted! Anbefales!

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10 months ago

Giant Seated Buddha at Wat Phra Bat Phu Pan Kham (วัดพระบาทภูพานคำ) in Ubolratana District, Khon Kaen. In the high shot you can just see Ubolratana dam in the distance.

📍Map: goo.gl/maps/5yNwpNzXRXK2

#ThaiTravel #VirtualThailand #เที่ยว #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
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Nice pics, did you take them Richard

Great pics - great story

Nice shots. What's drone was used? 🙂

Thank you for the lovely pics Richard

Very beautiful 🤩

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10 months ago

At Ban Nang Talung Suchart in Nakhon Si Thammarat, you can learn about the ancient craft of shadow puppetry. Here you can watch them carving and decorating shadow puppets from cow hide. You can also watch a shadow puppet show. On the premises there’s a museum that displays shadow puppets from around the world. Map: goo.gl/maps/n4YJrxpKcCN2 #Thailand ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Richard, glad to see a new update in this group! 😀

Wayang kulit

They make nice wall hangings. We bought this leather one in Kata, Phuket about 16 years ago. The guy said it was made from water buffalo skin.

Jintana Mali Jareonwong

Chalermrat Preecha so sad I never got to go there with you

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Wat Phai Lom in Ayutthaya 
📍MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/PCf8r6L2Qb26rdeb8

Source and more photos: https://www.facebook.com/100000431358475/posts/4607992485891751/

#Thailand #VirtualThailand #เที่ยวทิพย์ทั่วไทย  #เที่ยวทิพย์ #MyThailandBucketList #Thailand
1 years ago
Chow Traveller

Once travel to and within Thailand becomes easy to do again, where's the first place you want to visit? ... See MoreSee Less

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I just want to be there x

Mut Mee Nong Khai.

1 years ago

เขาอกทะลุ Kao Oakthalu City Viewpoint, Phatthalung, Thailand 🌄

Feel free to follow @GavsGoneAgain on Instagram & Facebook for more aerial shots of Thailand 🇹🇭

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12 months ago

Phuket has been reopened for international tourists without quarantine since July 1st!

I met first Phuket Sandbox tourists at Patong Beach and asked about their impressions after arrival.

What kind of requirements should you meet and what should you expect here?

Let's check it out!
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