As part of my project to explore all of the #BKKcanals, the guys at @HiddenBangkok kindly invited me on a trip today to explore the canals on the Thonburi side of #Bangkok. This is a THREAD of the highlights #Thailand.

🔴 An article in the Bangkok Post newspaper today has a few more tidbits for fully vaccinated people wanting to fly to Bangkok in November without having to do qurantine. [THREAD]

🇹🇭 Bangkok prepares testing protocols as reopening looms https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2200927/bangkok-prepares-testing-protocols-as-reopening-looms #Thailand [1/3]

🔴 Immigration is closed on Friday 22nd October for the substitution day for Chulalongkorn Day (moved from Monday). In addition, all government offices in the central region will be closed on Thursday 21st October for a special once-off holiday marking the end of Buddhist Lent.

From today until 26th October, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization will sell Antigen Test Kits (ATK) online through the website http://www.gpoplanet.com. The ATK’s are priced at 800 baht per box, which is 40 baht per kit. The online shop opens at 8am. #Thailand

🇹🇭 Bangkok Post front page stories on Wednesday:
♦️Diesel price feud drags on
♦️Initial nod for long-stay visas
♦️Military to boost border security

✅ https://www.thainewsreports.com/bangkok-post
#️⃣ #Thailand #WhatsHappeningInThailand

The Illuminated Boat Procession is taking place now in Nakhon Phanom. Here are a few of my photos from this impressive festival. Hopefully I can go again next year. That was a good trip. Here is the photo blog: https://www.thailandphotomap.com/2019/10/16/end-of-buddhist-lent-trip-to-sakon-nakhon-and-nakhon-phanom/ #Thailand #ThaiFestival

The wax castle processions to mark the end of the Buddhist Lent will be more subdued this year, but this wax carving at Wat Phra That Choeng Chum Worawihan in Sakon Nakhon is really impressive (📷 sakonnakhon) #Thailand

Today I had my first consultation to have a tuxedo fitted. I didn’t realize how much effort goes into the making of it. I’ve only bought off the rack clothes before. So many decisions to be made and of course all of the measurements. I have to go back on Saturday for my fitting.

This is what we know so far about the re-opening of #Thailand on 1st November to fully vaccinated visitors from low-risk countries. We should get more details soon, including the list of countries. But it looks like you only have to stay in a pre-booked hotel for the first night.

🇹🇭 Bangkok Post front page stories on Tuesday:
♦️Online bank fraud faces probe
♦️'Control, capacity and jabs' key to success
♦️Junta chief takes aim at Asean after summit snub
♦️Team to probe why charges were dropped against 'Boss'

✅ https://www.thainewsreports.com/bangkok-post #Thailand

Introducing @Maratee_Andamo, the Director of the News Division of the Department of Information at the @MFAThai, who did an excellent job today during the CCSA briefing. She will now alternate with @NatapanuN, who is the Deputy Director General of the Department of Information.

Starting from today, you can buy antigen test kits (ATK) at eight government GPO pharmacies in #Bangkok for only 40 baht per kit. There are two million kits available. I have done a map for you here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1IdGxyYqTB3EKems25OBVlJ09kCd_u9YH #Thailand

🇹🇭 So far, 31,340 people in #Thailand have applied for the yellow vaccine passport. As more people are now interested in international travel, the Mor Prom app will be accepting applications from today onwards. Here’s how I applied for it last week: https://www.richardbarrow.com/2021/10/applying-for-the-yellow-vaccine-passport [1/2]

🇹🇭 Congratulations to AEM Electrolyser (@Enapter_), Thailand/Germany/Italy for being an #EarthshotPrize winner to #FixOurClimate: “A clever design in Thailand using renewable energy to make hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen” #Thailand #EarthshotLondon2021

🇹🇭 Bangkok Post front page stories on Monday:
♦️Alarm as haze plan 'lacking'
♦️GPO moves to defuse jab saga
♦️Facebook post sparks fraud fear
♦️Junta ‘extremely disappointed’ over summit snub

✅ https://www.thainewsreports.com/bangkok-post
#️⃣ #Thailand #WhatsHappeningInThailand

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